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About the company

We create and implement turnkey IT solutions for medium and large businesses. Complex web projects, CRM systems, automation of management accounting are all that a successful company needs in today's market.

​Development of software business solutions

We develop and implement systems for complex business automation. We create individual software based on the tasks and needs of the company, and do not rebuild business processes according to the logic of the system

​Mobile application development

We design and develop unique solutions on iOS and Android platforms. Business requirements analysis, server side development, UI/UX interface, technical support – we offer to develop a mobile application taking into account your company's business processes.

Automation of management accounting

We create management accounting automation systems based on a deep analysis of the company's business processes, taking into account the specifics of its activities and management tasks. After systematization of these data and creation of prototypes, we begin to develop a software product for complex automation of management accounting. 

Development of web services and portals

We develop web services of any scale. Our experience includes both the implementation of corporate web services and portals for automating business tasks, and the development of web projects for launching startups

Since 2009, we have been helping companies develop and implement software that takes business to a new qualitative level. We are a team of experts, architects, designers, developers and analysts. Using our experience and knowledge, we create innovative technologies to solve business problems.

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